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Used in conjunction with traditional treatments, or other therapies offered like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it can potentially improve your chances of long-term health.

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Stemedix speaks with Thomas R. and his wife about their experience with Stemedix stem cell treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. Thomas has Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS).


New alternative way to help manage the symptoms of this chronic disease.

Whether you have recently been diagnosed or battling this disease for years, know that Multiple Sclerosis does not have to control your life.

With Stemedix Regenerative Therapy, your rebuilding process can begin.

Improvements have been seen in the following symptoms after treatment

Muscle Pains


Tingling Sensations

Muscle Spasm

Improves concentration

Improves coordination

Increases energy

Improves eyesight & vision loss

Improves balance and movement

Reduces or eliminate headaches

Improves tactility (sense of touch)

Bladder function

What MS Can Feel Like?

Trapped in drying cement, walking barefooted on sharp pebbles, wrapped in a lead sheathing, rolling on thumbtacks — that’s what an Multiple Sclerosis relapse can feel like. It’s a feeling no one can possibly experience unless they have MS. Did your doctor just tell you have to live with that feeling for life? Have the side effects of medication progressively increased, just as their effectiveness at managing your symptoms has reduced?

Do not lose hope! Stem cell therapy can stop or even reverse Multiple Sclerosis.

How MS Takes Its Course?

MS is a progressive disease and most patients experience a steady worsening of their condition over time. Early signs and symptoms include vision problems, numbness or tingling in the extremities of different limbs, loss of motor skills and balance problems.

Advanced symptoms can include cognition problems, bladder issues, sexual dysfunction, and inability to walk independently or at all, among many others symptoms. Most people with MS have remitting-relapsing type MS in which relapses of the symptoms develop over days or weeks, followed by quiet remission periods that can last for months or even years.

Can Stem Cell Treatment Cure MS?

Scientific studies have consistently shown that stem cell treatment is more effective at controlling and reversing symptoms than medication. Stem cell transplant is a ‘game changer’ for MS patients, say doctors.

A recent trial of more than 100 patients broke new grounds when it demonstrated it could stop the debilitating disease in its tracks. The new treatment, which costs approximately $40,000 is only the latest in a series of advancements that stem cell therapy has made in the past few years.

What’s Happening to Your Body?

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative autoimmune disorder that affects about 2.5 million people around the world. It occurs when the T cells in our body start attacking the myelin sheath of the neurons. The T cells eat away the protective covering, exposing the nerve fiber…similar to electric wires with no insulation.

As a result, the signal flow between the brain and nerve cells becomes erratic, causing a wide range of symptoms that vary in severity and nature depending upon the amount of nerve damage and which particular nerves are affected.

What Are Your Treatment Options?

Were you told there’s no cure for Multiple Sclerosis? Well, that may not be entirely true for every patient. Conventional treatments try to reduce the severity of the symptoms by suppressing the abnormal response of the immune system. Medicines do not cure MS and lose their effectiveness as the disease progresses.

Fortunately, developments in stem cell therapy have made a new treatment option available. The damaged myelin sheath is replenished using Autologous stem cell treatment. The treatment has a 69% success rate at curing MS permanently, and the numbers are getting better each day.

Why Stemedix?

At STEMEDIX, we have treated hundreds of MS patients and achieved fantastic results. Our latest-generation treatment methods use adipose, bone marrow aspirate or umbilical cord derived stem cells to regenerate the damages cells and set you on the course to a speedy recovery.

These groundbreaking treatments are now available to you in the US, delivered with utmost care by US-Board-Certified physicians, at a cost that you can afford! So, will you wait in fear for the next relapse or will you get up and fight?

“I feel like my diagnosis was just a bad dream. I live every day as I want to, rather than planning my life around my MS.”
Louise Willets
MS Patient and Study Participant
“I feel like my diagnosis was just a bad dream. I live every day as I want to, rather than planning my life around my MS.”
Louise Willets
MS Patient and Study Participant
Speak with a Care Coordinator today for a more accurate assessment of your condition and treatment options.

Other Multiple Sclerosis Treatments
vs Stem Cell Therapy

Other MS Treatments

Current MS treatments can reduce the severity of symptoms by blocking autoimmune responses against the myelin sheath. They do not repair the neural cell damage that has already occurred.

These treatments can also cause serious side effects, and over time, can stop working for certain patients.

Stemedix Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can slow down the progression of MS by neutralizing (or even reversing) the damage caused to the myelin sheath.

Past treatments have shown that stem cells not only have the potential to regenerate lost or damaged myelin sheath tissues, but also have the ability to modulate the immune system, temporarily disabling the abnormal.

How Stemedix Helps You Heal

Professional Medical Care

Our highly qualified stem cell therapists specialize in treatment of Relapsing – Remitting MS (RRMS) and other types of multiple sclerosis. We stay abreast of the latest developments in stem cell research in the US and around the world.

Advanced Therapy

We use a combination of modern research based treatments including AHSCT that does not require chemotherapy. Our less invasive methods have shown a 69% success rate in treating aggressive cases of RRMS.

Specialized Care

Stemedix has a certified trained Care Giver on staff to help patients that may require extra care. We also provide medical assisting equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, transfer boards, and more as needed.

Astonishing Story with Jill

Meet Jill and watch her astonishing story with Multiple Sclerosis.

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